Track Tuesday #1

You see them on blogs and websites, the particular topic on a certain day each week sort of thing. Well for me, one thing I have enjoyed doing since being a Dad is to create new wooden train track layouts for “A” and his train table.

Starting today and hopefully every Tuesday after this I will post a photo of a new layout for “A”‘s train table. Though the first few ones will be from when I first started changing his track layouts but nonetheless I’ll show a new layout once a week.


I don’t know how many pieces of track we have but it’s easily over a couple hundred. We also have an insane amount of trains including duplicates. The trains are mainly Thomas trains but the tracks are a mix of Thomas, Brio, Imaginarium, Pottery Barn and even Ikea. Most of the feature elements such as the Roundhouse and Mountain are from Imaginarium.

The wooden train tracks were something I always wanted when I was little but one of the toys I never had. To be able to collect them for my son (right?) is a way I can sort of re-live my childhood too! He loves it when I make a new layout for him and lately he’s been modifying them himself. Perhaps one day I’ll upgrade him to the HO scale (I think) train models that I also had when I was a kid (older than him at the time of course) but those were a lot of fun too.

Do you have a wooden train set for your child(ren)?


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